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2001-05-02 - 9:40 p.m.

ill tell you why! because im not good enough for anyone! you can tell the counseler all you want im still going to kill ever last one of you callow feckless idiots! you all piss me off i try to be nice but i just get shafted! and not in a good way.

how can people be so shallow? yah so i like a lot of girls. the problem is they dont like me! why do i continue to live on this god forsaken rock?

i have no point in being here! why must i endure all this pian for no reson. they say suicide is the easy way out! well it aint easy but it gets you to the end faster! you dont have to stand in line top see the end its like a short cut!

now i know my parents read this but oh well! i dont care! this was kinda ment for my friends but thats my mistake! the only problem i have is that now there going to ask all these quesion and im just going to denie it like any other teen! yah i have problems but there mine not yours you can go get your one! and the one thing i hate most is the people that tell you you have problems as if you didnt know! example----> "hey zach if your psycho!"

my reply "what does that make you"

there reply "are you going to kill people?"

my reply "only you!"

sign my geust book please



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