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2001-07-17 - 4:06 p.m.

raw human emotions are quite a thing espacialy when one has there heart set on a someone and there is someone or something gets in the way is when it realy comes out! i have tried to be that one guy the one that people will like if they get to know me. but when that thing or person gets in the way it can be qiute deadly and in any case it is a shame that someone has the lack of heart to do that! i am asking everyone to please come to there senses and relize that what you put on the wheel of life will come around and smack you dead square in the ass!

life can be someed up in 5 words! life sucks then you die! i welcome death in the only way i can with an open mind. i welcome it and invite it in and give it cookies and milk!

then i will make that long walk to the gates in wich i will find out i will fall to the depths of hell. in wich i will be an slave for internaty but it is being a slave to a game of love.

y must i be so lonely!



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