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2001-08-08 - 11:46 p.m.

the story of me and animal "x"

ok so we (me steve and james) got bored and went to wallyworld at 3 am. on the way i flaged dowthis girl and we gave her our phone number and left. it was fun.

ok so we go and look at the ps1 and 2 games. so we get done with that and we go get food. i got to chocalate pies and a sprite. so we go outside to eat it. all the emploeys were on breack so we eat any way.

the plot thickens

so i see this thing out of the corner of my eye and i siad " hey it a mouse no its to bit its a rat!" so i walk over to it and i saw it had small white (meaning its blind) eyes and then i say "hey its a mole" so i go to pick it up and it hissed like a cat. that it snapped like a aligator. i look down with a look of pain and i say "oh son-of-a-bitch! it bit me! that mother fucker!" then one of the people on break siad "thats what you get!:P" and i siad "yah and?" so we get ready to leave and one of them yells "hey go get a tetinus shot" and i siad "go get a stupididy shot! its rabies you dumb ass!"

ok so were at home now and we figure its not a rat mouse ,cat ,dog ,shrew ,wiesle, and a possom! thats all the things it could be! but not it like there all mixed together! eh- for animal "X"



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