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2001-08-17 - 10:39 a.m.

xok well school is about to start and we have no money! my dad went to the hosspital this morning im worried what going to happen.

on a lighter note the psycho with in isnt going to take any shit this year in school. if you want to pic me your also pickng him just remember that!

i jump off a bridge yesterday and im still here :( but it was kinda fun :|

for once in my life i would just like to find a girl for me and me only some one who just doesnt want sex! yah its good but thats just a happy plus! there are some people im going to try this year but i already no what there going to say! its not that hard to tell there popular and im not ere for the anwser is no! no no no no no! its always no and when its not it only last for a week or less!

well im going to go clean talk to you all latter!



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