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2001-08-24 - 2:42 p.m.

ok well i am denouncing every thing i hold dear to me. the fact that i am trying to find a girl friend is fustrating and confuseing.

i find love to be in the ones that are my closest friends but none of them like me like that and im just giveing up!

theres a girl that i like but she kinda has a b/f. to tell the truth ive liked her since fifth grade. then i forgot her and now shes back. and im lost on how to tell her so here gos! you know who you are and ive liked you since the begining i now im late you already have a b/f but i would just like in the future some time to give it a chance, please tell me the feelings are mutual. are they? i understand that you will be under social stress but if you kind find it in your heart to give me a chance i will move on!

now that i sound like a stalker. well gtg bye




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