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2001-09-30 - 3:45 a.m.

what is the point behind a high school romance i do not see the point! i my self have one and in my mind its just a waist of time!

now dont get me wrong i like her and all but it just holding me down i mean we have been going out for almost 3 weeks and we realy havnt even kissed. sure peck kisses but nothing actually worth telling you friends.

it seems the only time she ever wants to do anything with me is when her friends are around or at school other than that we (alone as in me and her) havnt done anything.

ok so my grades suck i dont know about you but i might drop out the only classes that im doing good in are the ones that dont realy matter much in the eyes of our screwed up goverment. i have an A in drama a B in food and nutrition and a B in tech. the rest are D's and one F cuase i missed to many days.

ok well sign my geust boook and stuff bye



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