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2001-10-12 - 8:01 p.m.

Special Edition! Weakest Link! October 10, 2001!

Tonight’s host is Chuck Woolery!!!!!!!!!

Tonight, any of these 8 people from CHS could win up to a million dollars. If they want that money, they will have to work together as a team. But 7 of them will leave with nothing, as round by round; we eliminate the player voted the Weakest Link! Let’s meet the team!

1. Mr. Engbers

2. Mrs. Ollie

3. Nick Pokorney

4. Kevin Myers

5. Katy Reinke

6. Layci Skog

7. Mrs. McCloy

8. Mr. Lundgren

Today is flashback day, so all the questions will be history questions!

Mr. Engbers: YES!

Chuck: The first round lasts for 2:30. We’ll start with the player in the first position. That’s Mr. Engbers. Let’s play the weakest link! Mr. Engbers, what does the A stand for in NATO?

Mr. Engbers: Atlantic.

Chuck: Correct! Mrs. Ollie, what chemist inferred that atoms have energy levels that contain electrons?

Mrs. Ollie: Niels Bohr.

Chuck: Correct! Nick, in 1989, which wall came down?

Nick: The Berlin Wall.

Chuck: Correct! Kevin, which country invaded Afghanistan in 1979?

Kevin: China!

Chuck: Russia. Katy, Sophocles was from Greece, or Rome?

Katy: Greece.

Chuck: Correct! Layci, in what year did Leno start hosting the Tonight Show?

Layci: 1991.

Chuck: Close, but it was 1992. Mrs. McCloy, who is America named after?

Mrs. McCloy: Vespucci.

Chuck: Correct! (Mr. Lundgren banks 2500) Mr. Lundgren, what is Mark Twain’s real name?

Mr. Lundgren: Samuel Clemens, and he is an AP writer.

Chuck: Correct! (Mr. Engbers banks 1000) Mr. Engbers, who was the, oh, 20th President?

Mr. Engbers: James Garfield.

Chuck: Correct! Mrs. Ollie, who invented the cotton gin?

Mrs. Ollie: Eli Whitney, and he couldn’t have done it without chemistry. (Nick falls asleep.) Hey Nick wake up or you’ll get a sleeping ticket! (He wakes up.)

Chuck: Yeah, whatever. Correct. (Nick banks 2500 and the round ends.) In that round, you banked a depressing, gloomy, sad 6000 dollars out of a possible 125000 dollars. Whose milk has gone sour? It’s time to vote off the Weakest Link.

(In that round, the strongest link was Mrs. Ollie. The weakest link was Layci.)

It’s time to see who you voted off as the weakest link.

VOTING: Mr. Engbers-Layci, Mrs. Ollie-Nick, Nick-Kevin, Kevin-Nick, Katy-Layci, Layci-Kevin, Mrs. McCloy-Kevin, and Mr. Lundgren-Nick.

We have a tie, team. Nick and Kevin have 3 votes each. Nick, why Kevin?

Nick: He got a question wrong that was almost about the 80’s. He should leave.

Chuck: I see. I know a lot about the 80’s too. I still have Pac-Man fever.

Katy: (Jokingly) What’s Pac-Man? Is that like an ancient game?

Layci: (Jokingly as well) Yeah, that’s what it is, I think.

Katy: Oh, that’s right, huh? Duh!

Chuck: Pac-Man is only 19 years old. It was released in arcades in 1982.

Katy: That is pretty ancient.

Chuck: I started hosting my show a few years after that.

Layci: God, you’re old!

Chuck: Shut up! (The girls laugh at him) The strongest link in this round was Mrs. Ollie. Mrs. Ollie, you voted for Nick. Why?

Mrs. Ollie: He got a sleeping ticket. Ooo a magnet! (Starts demonstrating magnetic properties of the elements iron and neodymium.)

Chuck: So, who leaves with nothing?

Mrs. Ollie: Uh, that kid. (Points at Kevin)

Chuck: Kevin, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

Kevin: (Backstage) Once Anne gets back next month, I’m going to start trying really hard to win so that I can get some money for once.

Chuck: Round 2, team, and you have banked a lousy, pathetic, 6000 dollars. The next round is 10 seconds shorter, and we’ll start with the strongest link from the last round. That’s Mrs. Ollie. Let’s play…the Weakest Link! Mrs. Ollie, what school practice was abolished in 1954 in Kansas?

Mrs. Ollie: School segregation.

Chuck: Correct! Nick, who performed “Everything I Own” in 1987?

Nick: Boy George, that gay faggot.

Chuck: Correct, but he was my roommate. He is not gay.

Nick: Believe what you want to.

Kevin: (From Audience) What a faggot!

Chuck: Katy, who was the first lady of the 4th President?

Katy: Let’s see…Madison…it would have been Dolly Madison!

Chuck: Correct! Layci, what was the most influential style of music in the 70’s?

Layci: Gee let me think. Disco!

Chuck: Correct! (Mrs. McCloy banks 10000) Mr. Lundgren, what are you doing?

Mr. Lundgren: I’m reading a book. (Zoom in, and The Scarlet Letter is shown. He is still reading as the round ends.)

Chuck: In that round you banked 10000. That brings you to 16000 and…

(Jason and Nick take the money and split it. The end.)

DIDN’T EXPECT IT, DID YOU? Goodbye. –Jason Lindberg



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