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2001-10-24 - 8:40 p.m.

hey was up? im not going to try out for thespians id never make it ive screwed up so much not as for me but in the way i looked at the world.

at this point i feel as if i could leave and not look back but what would that accomplish? so i say to anyone i ever hurt im sorry.

i dont know how this will efect me but i am so tired of everyones immaturity at chs. iv had yo grow up so fast in the last to years. ive never actually been a teenager ive been the psycho who know what life is like cuase ive lived more than you think.

this maybe one of the last times i write because i hat the idea of venting to a "web" that isnt there i mean like id ever get feed back from the people who read this that will help my life. im so tired im just going to give up tomorrow and let the day rule me instead of me rulling the day.

im just so danm fed up!



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