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2001-12-11 - 9:17 p.m.

well the people that want to fight me called and this is how it follows:

for sake will call them bob.

bob:so where do you want to meet?

me:the police station!


me:cause if you wanted to fight you would do it fare and if it was important to you it wouldnt matter where!

bob:well i dont want to get in trouble!

me:so then why fight?


me: see exactly if you had the guts it took to fight fare you would do it in front of the police station. any one can take a kid to the back of a playground and kick there ass. it takes guts to do it in the principals office.

*hang up*

next call

me:hi! do you realy want to fight?


me:ok then we will but not at school. you have to find me other than there.


me:the hunt is on!

*hang up*

ok so there you go thats it so if i leave ubruptly it is to go take care of business that inturn there were chicken to haddle maturly



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