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2002-01-06 - 9:23 p.m.

Well the day has come for me to go to the babbiling brooke with leaves strewn accross it to watch the fawn drink from the still pool of water down stream. i feel like that deer. theres only one problem when this deer gos to get a drink of water the is a hunter at that serene babbiling brook and usualy it is me!

i found out that i am psycho literaly. i went to the shrink told him my life and my problems and some dreamd ive been having and i have some imbalance in cemicals or something but i take these pills that make me act not like me. they make me pissy witch is not helping but i geuss thats the point. everyone in the world is pissy and tho head doctors job is to make me acceptible my others so y not make me pissy! i find it weird when i am all alone and i hear voices but its ok because im nuts! and i can take a pill to make them go away. but to tell you the truth i think there my only real friends! they listen to me. they care no we dont yah you do no we dont! whatever! i cant remember the name of it but its hard to pronounce! so im not even going to try to say it.

well that was fun i need to go through and rename all my older entrys i think ill do that when i cant sleep! well im going to go!



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