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2002-01-12 - 9:57 a.m.

wellwell we meet again it is the morning after and after a longlonglonglonglonglong talk with cat and her new toy im going to make chenges to my life i understand now what im going through and i just need to say fuck you to the people that dont affect me i was the only sober one there besides nick and cat. and another thing i relized thanx to cat pointing it out i care to much i need not care about everything just somethings. i like cat and we have the same taste!lol

so the pip johnson thing went ok exept that half the equipment didnt work but o'well.ive only had about three hours asleep and i feel good. i want to do it agian i would have stayed latter but arron made me take him home becase at 9 in the morning he was still smashed. wich i find realy freaking funny! just holarias. oh well i have to go take a shower and shit and im craving a cool balhi hai hmmmmmmmmmmm tasty!



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