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2002-01-22 - 8:29 p.m.

well i have a prohbation hearing tomorrow and a dentest opointment. i feel like shit and i want to leave this world and right know i feel like soome one is going to walk up to me and start singing "step back from the ledge my friend". exept i will not be his friend because i have no friends! i have no one to call and say hey you want to do anything? or hey do you want to help us through a party? well i can go on forever but i am not going to bore you for i am a boring person. so here i go into the world of mutual hate and no love for another. i feel i am at the end of my rope and i am going to snap and i sont think it is going to be perty.

well i got the police report for my case today and well it is mostly a bunch of shit but my mom belives it along with my dad because they both brought me into this world un knowing and living on the street and only giving me what i need and nothing much has changed they care for me and that is it and right now i think i could care less what happens to me just as long as i become a wino and live on the street screaming from my card bored box at people for no sane reason.

so i leave you with my thought on this world.

pull the trigger before someone else does!



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