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2002-01-23 - 3:37 p.m.

OMG i am so gad danm lucky i got 6 months informal adjustment. its like prohbation but more informal. so i am releaved and they dropped the charge of burglery.

well to a more seriuos note (to me). i have been having people that i dont even know talking about me and i happen to over hear there conversations and they are talking about stuff that i only right in here. so i say to you all i dont mind this but i would like to know who you are i think its cool im kinda an under ground celebraty. i think more people read this than i alow my self to think. and to you all i thank you and i am also working on getting my own domain. so i am looking for investors for. that it is expencive shit but not that expensive. the biggest thing to pay for is the setup fee and then im home free i also need a job. and i am going to try to make an appointment to go to the bsu thing but i lost the phone number so i am going to have to get that agian.

and well the search continues to find that someone i kinda have some one now but that is my own little secret i might break up with here because it is a distance thing and it is driving me nuts.

well i am feeling more sucure about my sexuality but i am also affraid of the whole "HomoPhobic" society. people ask me what it is and i will say this i am not stiaght, bi, gay or anything else. i view it as i am a sexual being who know not a llimit to 'SEX'. basically i was put on this earth to reproduce i am looking for some groups to go to just to find others but other than that i am still a being who is known nother other than to be human. and y could i have lived in greece were it is common to be 'BI'. i mean they had no prob with it and there were the most advanced society of there time. so do we need to look and something smaller to become bigger? we need to get raid of the stereo typing. i mean does it realy matter if you like dick pussy and or both. so i go on liking what i like and if i like it then i am better than you! and besides why have the best of one when you can have the best of both!



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