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2002-01-30 - 4:21 a.m.

well Fuck you, you, you, you, you and you! i dont need anyone you all need me and if you cant see that then fuck you right in the ever loving fucking ear!!!

ok thank you for that that was fun.

well i need new friends. i am looking but i have no were else to go. am i destined to be the oucast freak of chs? well i am still trying and it is pissing me off. i kinda turned to drama as a place of acceptence and i am becomeing the outcast of that to.

well i think i am going to die my hair. i was going to get some more buttons that are anti every thing but i did the wrong and showed them to some one else and they ordered them before i could. and i wanted to be origanal so there goes that idea well i am out of them so i dont know what i will do.

well after my last entry i feel so empty and tired oh well. to ever one that reads this(yes the one person) thank you there will be a revamp of this site and to cetch a preview as to what it looks like go

here! to veiw it then go to my geust book and tell me if i should use that one or this one.

well it is 4:33 am and i need to sleep at least a minute before school!!!



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