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2002-02-07 - 6:08 p.m.

ok well I still like this girl that im sure you all know. She has a diary and i think she reads this. I want to aske her out but I am not sure if she likes me but I like her. Oh well I will find out...

I went home today after third priod. I felt like shit. and i still do but....oh well.

I wish I could find a group that i fit in with I think its kinda pethetic I go in at lunch to work on the set because I have no were else to go. oh well I geuss if i have to I can form my own cliq.

My life is falling apart around me. Every one is talking about how there getting laid and there boyfriends or girlfriends and all I have to talk about is how i go home and cry because I am so insecure that I need constint companionship. I dont see how I made it this far with out a girl friend. Some people tell me there pointless and I know they are but I can't raise my self to that point.

well I am going to leave you with a quote.....

"If you want to destroy my sweater pull this thread as I walk away..."-weezer



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