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2002-02-10 - 10:46 p.m.

Oh here we have some problems my b-day just 18/17 days away and it happens to be the night of the play and I dont know what i am going to do. I would like to have 'get together' but if I invite people they wont show up. I have a hottub and a moderalty sized house a huge as yard and the worst family ever. So there would be alot of things that we could do but there is a problem of who is going to come right now I dont care. So email me if you want to do something or call me (455-5244) for that matter. Other than that I can count on me being there!

Te great day of love appraoches and I have not me a valentine... oh well like I'll ever get one. Yah that means I have no chance at CHS I guess I can look towards my uncles farm for love.

I am syked I think I got a good part even though I screwed up during the auditions. I had so much on my mind. Most of it being grades and trying to get good ones.

Well I have nothing to realy rant about other than I am insecure and I need a companion. But oh well I have a drama family to try to get to love me!



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