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2002-02-13 - 1:31 p.m.

Ok lets start class.... I would have updated at the time listed in th table below but I was reworking the html. I now have a link to chs exposed below. I can not take credit fot the text the site it is the work of some one who wishes to remane nameless.

I took today of from school because of alot of stress I am experiencing. I dont know if I will be there 2morrow either. so it all depends on how i feel in the morning. I guess it is mainly because I am starting to get fed up with people at school there realy starting to piss me off. But what can I do?

And now for some inspired writing from yours truley...

When I was born I was diagnosed with a disease. Hell everyone has this disease. The get it as soon as they are born. Some contract others that help this one along. Some die form this disease sooner than others and some can live a long time befor they face it. Every one is looking for a cure for it. And others give up and let it take them with slit wrists or a gunshot maybe enen jumping off of something raely tall. Right now I am about to welcome it into my life but I am not sure how. You can fight it by being healthy mantally and physically but when we all get to be about 70 it realy kicks us in the ass. But when 80 roles around it starts taking your friends and family if your lucky enough to have them. When you hit 90 you better start doing soemthing. 100 your one lucky ass hole and one day your going to go to the door and there it will be the disease of death.



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