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2002-02-14 - 8:42 p.m.

I think I found true love but she lives in calli. at least I've helped someone!

Zack. Its been awhile since I've wrote you. So much as changed. Its

alomost as if I'm in a new world. I'm moving. Strange part is I don't

know where. Somewhere to a foster place. My mother can't handel me any

more. I don't see why. I keep to myself. I ignore the little

imperfections that would cause a normal teen to wine and complain. I've

done everything I can to keep from being a bother. Now I'm just getting

kicked out. I can't understand. I slit my wrist. Not to try to kill

myself or get red of any pain. If that was the cause I wouldn't tell

anyone. I did it because I wanted to feel the pain. But the funny part is

cuts to people is very hard. They don't want to understand, son't care if

they do or not. I've been reading your diary thing. It got kinda

confusing. With your clam happy thing going on. Sounds like things are

really fucked up. Such as your thoughts of suicide. I can't really tell

you not to think of it because I've been there many times, its even put me

in critical care. I don't know your secrets, your stories, your reasons

for what you feel. So I'm in no place to tell you they aren't worth it.

But I can tell you that your diary has really helped me. This earth needs

people like us. To create more of our kind, intimidate the "preps", and

help us through things. After all, so far you're the only one who seems to

weeks. I hope to god your ok, I wish I could be there for you, but an

internet connection is all we have. I hope to hear from you soon. And

good luck, with anything. Bye




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