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2002-02-16 - 1:18 a.m.

OK I am going to tell the story of the cruze....

Ok so we were bored so me my cuz and bro and another go to the cruze. so we drive around forever reving the engine showing up 4 banging rice burners. there was this chick in the car beside us and she was playing with her tounge ring. so we pulled up next to her and i said hey i have one of those in my penis. and she said what and i pointed to my tounge and she said oh ok thats nice to Know. so we go on and a half mile latter i said do you want to see it. and she didnt so it sucks. then we pulled up to this white kid and i yelled hay your white and then he said damn it i thought i was black. and then i said hey we have something in common we are white. and we exchange some anglo saxon greeting like hey whats up my euro american homy. then this girl pulled up beside us and siad i give money to the homeless and through a penny at us. and i yelled white trash power!! then i yelled agian and said how much did your daddy pay for your car? and she got scared and they sped off. then we yelled random things like I touch my self at night and I like to touch little boys. and you go man. and carpet muncher.

and that was my night i am going to right now put up a new chs smack down on the other site!



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