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2002-02-20 - 9:27 p.m.

I am sorry if my last entry offended someone it was not ment to. I am not going kill my self it was just the truth. but if you are easaly offended stop now!

All I want is companionship. And I know I will never get it because I am to new age to be good for this eath. I am ahead of my time.

You know what at this point i am about to give up and go off and kill someone and to the teacher that reads this do what you want with these words. I have given up I am so fucking pissed the next person that looks at me queer I am going to explode in there fucking face I am literaly going insane and I will not be surprised if people are going to turn me in. I'll be glad about that maybe I can get the help I realy need. Here at the bottom of this I have posted almost all my writings and to who ever wants to use them to get me in trouble I gladly look forward to it!

warning not for the faint of heart.

Today I decree that one with out me as god shall suffer a rath so unspeakable only the purest know. I am god! When I blink i wipe out all known existince and restore the world to its begining beuty. And with another blink I start it over agian and the proccess is repeated until it is done right.When ones dies he does not no what to expect in the end. Is god a sham to help us deal with what we do not understand? YES! If there was a god I would be alot happier. Death is the begining to anothers begining end. When we die we will be told the truth "We were an expierement tossed by the wayside." And if you dont belive it you will soon know when you suffer thine rath. I am your worst fears and your best hopes. I lerk wre you dare peer not. I am the feeling in a dark ally. I am death. Do not be afriad of the truth it only hurts or a life a lie hurts for an enternity. There screams shall pearce there ears as they scream for mercy at my feet. I shall not give into there pleas. I am god! I am more than you. I am you. I know you. I can kill you with the blink of my eye. You will vanish from thought and dream. My dreams will be all you know and the only place you exist. My dreams are all you will know and understand.I know all and everthing. There is no question I cant anwser and no anwser I cant question I am the first thing you see I am the last thing you see. I am the alpha, I am the omega. I AM GOD!

This next one for sespension of disbelief(lol) you are reading it on a peace of papper.

As I vanquish my soul to this piece of papper I am relived it will never let go of my soul. I have intrusted it with marking that can only be rad by an emotional being. The words inscribed can be used as a wepon agianst human emotion. ere to be me is deadly. For I understand human will and the will of emations. To understand this will alow you to brak down any human emotion. What seperates humans from animals is animals act on instinct and humans have emotion. If the acts that come from emotion are instinct then we are all savage beasts driven by instinct. It is just degrees of instinct we are contoled by. We only act as programed we have no free will. Ever action every thought is preprogramed. Everything is woven into the carpet of life. Then someone comes along that knows how to unweave the carpet. But when they reweave it they do not get it as tight as it was in the begining. and by doing so they allow discrepencys. And it even can become unwoven into a tangled mess of yarn. so to say we are mindless zealots programed to do the bidding of anothers hell.

So if you read this far You are my true friend. And to you I ask What is wrong with me? Am I insane? or just to smart for my own age?



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