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2002-02-23 - 1:33 a.m.

O.M.G, O.M.G, O.M.G, OH MY GOD!!!!!

I just got back from the cruze and this chick pulls up to us in a white strtch window and turns to me and I quote " can I have your number". I am so exited i dont want to go to practice and just sit here and wiat for the call if it ever comes. This has realy boosted my selfesteem. Then we played chinesse fire drill infront of a cop that was fun. Something big went down at the egiptian theatre. There were cops abulances and firetrucks every where. IT was fun. other than that I am looking forward to this phone call. I am going to call my house every chance I fucking get to find out if they call. I am so stoked about this. OH MY GOD!!!!! Am I asleep or on drugs.....or BOTH O.M.G.

YAH I am in the best mood ever you would not belive I think I am in heaven or a realy cool hell. Now only if i can find out y susan shake got me kicked/droped out of the play. I think some one put her up to it but oh well.




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