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2002-02-27 - 12:31 a.m.

well if I had the time to listen to you whine I would right some humphry bogart storie on here abou how crappi my life is.....oh wiat to late. well my "cruze" friends are no longer that they are now fun. they want to do what the "cool" people do.

Yes I admit I'm not good at spelling that why I failed every inglicsh clas ive tekan.

Moving on I just got home and i can not sleep. One of my former "cruze" buddys is pissed because some one told him people were going to perkins and when we got there(I was draged cuz he didnt want to go alone)no one was there. So he took that out on me. I am going to get a shirt that says "skapegoat of society" on it!

I do not think I will be able to go to the bsu drama thing I am having the worst time in school. I dont even see the point in going any more I am failing every class.

I am not eating as much as I used to I dont know if thats goog or bad. I'm not loosing wiat and im not gaining so there is something going on.

Well the keys and my brian are tired so I will be back on at the same zany time same zany place with the same zanny face.

"you are not uniqe, you are not a snowflake, you are not special, you are a nameless face in the crowd, you are a faceless name in the statistics. You are a number. You are a dash a dot a slash. You are like every one else in this puddle of human existince."~~~~me



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