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2002-03-05 - 8:44 p.m.

WANTED: New best friend. Must be willing to have fun, and go to parties. Please send all submissions to or call 455-5244. ask for CEO Zach baney.

well I am looking fo something to do this weekend. so far it is looking pretty boring. so if you wish to do something please inquire information from above message.

well other than that I am ok I am going to try to change therapists the one Ihave now makes me feel like I'm a little kid. so yah. well I think I am going to relie on fate from now on. when i try to do something it always fucks things up.

I tryed to go to the rally today but I had to go to a prohbation meeting that I did not know about. oh well.

I am not going to prom Ihave no money so to all you who are going have a good time and Iwont see you there.

I am off to kill my soul and put it in a bottle



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