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2002-03-06 - 9:41 p.m.

welli am changeing counselors. that will be fun.

I start comunity service saturday. that should be fun to. I am doing it at the warhawk museum. Come if you want it is cool.

nothing specific hapened I think I have some competition for the girl I like. It could be just healthy compettion and then agian it couldnt. Either way I think I am going to try no matter what.

I feel so sorry for the ones That I can not grace with m precense.

I am so evil I can make gandhi thirsty for blood.

And we all know that you are not the sane one just the one who is popular.

do YOU think that people judge people by social standing? specificaly in scholl. ok now change the first people to teachers specificaly Mrs. Adams. and the second to ME as in zach. I started to express my freedom of speech and she got raely pissed off. she says she likes me but when I talk I get in trouble. when a cheerleader talks they get a smile and a pat on the back. Not but last week me and a friend (in the same class as mine) were both called down to the office under sespision of theft of a whatch. No one else but us two. We also happend to be the ones that sit in the back and laugh when people die or get maimed. (it is so fing funny)


what can you do...? I know nothing and hope it changes.

I like just going off on nothing i like the fact that you idiots (present companie excluded) are reading it this far! hahahahahahaha

sorry i have not done anything to offend you. did i?

YOU have angered shanka. you must sacrifice a midget on the full moon of 2/29/8787. If the god is not pleased you will recieve sexual punishment. Oh me I want a spanking and oral sex. Yes spankings and oral sex for all of us.

once a pon a tym a go u wer mi god and i luvd u 4 that.


i am god and you will kill me before i kill him.

I am him and i have commited suicide.

I like my new pills they make me hyper and happy.

at the tone the time will be...





10:00 pm

It is ten o'clock do you know were your geriatric is at?


monkey are flying over head and pooping in small buckets of vile filled urine.

I have to go take more ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm air yes I need to breath!!!



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