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2002-03-17 - 10:11 p.m.

touch of the warm soft skin of another human...if you have partaken in this then you know what its like. I dont miss it I dont want it. Its just the simple fact that there are two absolute girls I like. the first one well call "cooky" she is older than me but not by much. I like her for the simple fact that we have so much in common and get along so well. the second well call "spook" she is younger than me and I like her because she is just a dark and satirical as I. not to mmention there both cute and they have nice personalitys. but one dosnt like to take chances and the other has guys all over her and she dosent know what to do for feering the fact that some of them will get mad.

Well to her I say who ever you pick I will not get mad.

to the other I say please life is is not worth living if you dont live it!

In other news today jay and silent bob strike back has over 400 cus words 492 to be exact! Yah I was so god danm bored!



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