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2002-03-23 - 10:14 p.m.

hey well I started working community service hours out at the warhawk museum. it is okish. John the curater is kinda crabby and has an odd sense of humor. oh well.

some one siad I should write more entrys and more often. I try to shoot for once a day. I have way to much to do to do it.

Well other than that I am ok I miss the feelingof anothers skin agianst mine. oh well I think I can get over it.

I am going to be doing a revamp of this site. I am going to try some flash and web art type of stuff. that should be fun.

I need to try to find a job that pays anything. I want to get back into modeling only because the only thing that hurts is getting cut by the exacto knife.

Oh well I have to find my community service papper. I am going to go talk to you latter.

"Life is a drama for those who whatch And a comedy for those who think"*~zach baney~*

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