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2002-03-31 - 11:33 a.m.

entry 159

name: Missing you

email: Wouldnt you like to know

url: If only I wasnt so stupid


Hey man. I like your new sight thing. It looks cool. Someday I wish I could be as cool as you. But thats only a wish. *My cat is gaging up a fur ball* I was wondering. Why would you want to remove the paint from the plane? It looked cool all black and stuff. But then, I am only a girl and I know nothing. Just a sophmore girl. Who knows nothing. Have fun. And stay hot. Buh bye.

date: 4:22 am - Sunday,March 31, 2002

well I would like to know who you are. in regard to your question...we took the movie paint off because it was not the origanal paint and had to be striped. We wanted to return it to its origanal paint...

if you did not read the last entry i recomend you do that.



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