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2002-04-06 - 9:35 p.m.

Well here I am home alone on a saturday night agian. oh well.

I would like to think every one who wrote in my geustbook. even the unnamed people.

I think I have realy snapped. for some reson I want to walk in at a lunch time stand up on a table and say...FUCK YOU! Oh well. I dont know I am so fed up with my life it seems like I have no real friends. I mean I call someone who I thought was my friend but there to busy doing something else...

I don't know what I am going to do. I am so deppressed but I jsut cant except it. I kinda asked someone if they would go to prom with me but I havent heard anything. I just...I dont know how to say I think I truely at my end. Im going to walk into my counselors tell him I want to die and go into a madicated state for the rest of my life. I have nothing to look forward to. Im ugly I have no sense of style. I am totally stupid. I truly do want to die. I am going no where. I mean for fucking christ I droped out. I am probably not going to go to college I dont have the money and this will probably be my last entry. so I hate to leave if i do on this note I just have to move on I can not exprese my self in words. -_- goodnight I have provided some links for your exit to something less sad...



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