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2002-04-05 - 10:36 p.m.

Love is....Love is....bullshit!

I like several ,3 to be exact, girls.

i dont know what to say I am not in the best mood....

I went by the school today I am no longer a.......

breaking news...

I am sorry to interupt our reagulary sceduled entry to bring you this...

Did you know that i am the gaiest mother is the official report...

entry 166

name: ------

email: zacksmomsdick@juicy.cum

url: ------


zach you are the gaiest fucking kid in the world so go suck your moms hairy juicy purple balls

yes kids that I am no longer about what people say because I am no longer going to school...I can safely say that I am the gaiest fucking kid. yah I am happy and I am secure enough about my sexuallity that I dont have to run around like an imature child and call people gay because I know I am happy. so thank you and may I have another?

I now return you to your regulaly sceduled entry.

...ttending school. You know you think "I wonder what the school would be like with out me?". well I know it is unexciding it is boring...not realy but I can think so. I know alot of people dont like me oh well I am going to drop off the earth..good bye



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