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2002-04-16 - 11:38 a.m.

entry 178

name: none

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OMG you are truely pathetic, all you ever do is feel sorry for yourself , when will you pull your head out of your ass back into reality!

well I was happy and go lucky but it seems I have not apesed someone And to this person I am sorry if my life is not like yours. I have nothing to look forward to. Im sorry I will try to right more heppy for you. You are my master and I am your muse.

WEll:) I got a new bike! 250 dollars.....:o thats spendy oh well its a mongoose so...I am going to go to a oarty this weekend. Its at my house and I am and was and will be the only one invited. While every one else is at prom I will be at home alone whatching snl. thank satan for cracker blood.

oh well I am going to go now I hope I am happy enough for you:-)



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