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2002-04-18 - 2:47 p.m.

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That was me taking out all my pain and frustration out on the key boared.

I wish people would call me and see if i would like to go do something but its ok. I kinda like being alone and borred its kinda like having your fingers cut off on cell at a time and I know every one enjoys that.

I am so running out of things to write about. I tried writing songs but that went no where. I have writen alot of poetry since ive been out of school but its all depressing kill my self poetry. I would love to right a piece for soemone and have them take it to compatition.(I know its spelled wrong im tired) But the only thing is trying to find some one.

now that I think about it it so sucks dropping out. How come one one tried stopping me? Oh well...the things I am going to miss most are drama acting friends and girls(as if they liked me). Im going to miss all the new sophmores next year when I could have been a senior. I would like to still tech the musical next year. I might be able to but Im not sure. It might take some convinsing.

ohwell out of time...goodbye



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