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2002-04-19 - 12:26 p.m.

entry 181

name: Hmm

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Aww...Look at me everyone! I'm Zach Baney, My life is so horrible, I was stupid enough to drop out, I'm such a perverted ass-hole i cant get a girl friend, I have to do community service because i got myself into trouble,I cant go to prom becouse no one likes me :( the girls wont come near me:( and so on and so on....but yet there are people who are still virgens, starveing people in places, children who are beat'n by there parents people who have diseases and wake up everyday wondering when it will be there last.and none this is really thier falt.All your problems you've brought on yourself! So pull your head out of your ass you chump the whole world dosent involve around you!

im sorry that you have to come here agianst your will and have to read how I feel Im sorry for forcing you to come.



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