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2001-04-08 - 4:40 p.m.

as i hold my shaft you scream "why?" and i say "why what i thought you like this!". i begin to shoot my shaft at you and you scream "noooooooooooo!". then all of a sudden i wake up to see that the earth has all been a dream to stisfy my iner mot needs and wants. i am not what you think i am i am what i you now i am!

will i ever be what you want to be know i will only be what you know me to be! to change me is like puting pants on michalangello's "david".

i am so naturalle that i can only be held in all of my beutty that only those pure enough!can see me! unfortinatly (or how ever you spell it!) i have not found any one pure enough to see me! so.....

i am single! and wiating for that one!




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