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2001-01-10 - 20:59:38

ok well everyone i know is suicidal my best friend did it luckily she diidnt suceede.........and now im wooryed cause the only person i care about is thinking about!!!!!! every one i love is slowly leaving me one by one if not mentally then physicly!!!!! this sucks i should take care of it im tired of people staring at me it suck they stare they call me names and think i have no life. and what really sucks is that im a prime suspect for the bomb threats this sucks im under investigation im being watched. and worst of all my girlfriend is nice but she needs to be more open i like her i lot but i dont want to loose her she the only thing that i live for with out her my life would have no meaning. no one belives me that i have a girlfriend cuase rumer has it im gay! me gay! id be more bi than gay! this sucks why why why why thats all i want to know i just want her and nothing is going to stop me and no im not obsessed ive just never liked any one like this before i hope i can spend my life with her i want to give her what she disserves. and to you my girl friend will you go to the movies with me? please? well now that i got that off my chest i just want to say every one that has been mean to me can go to hell. i know that not that many people that read this but to them i say i hate it when people call me a freak im not a freak im just vary out going. i am human to i need love i need compasion i want happyness i dont like spnding time at home and if i could move out i would.

so i say to you good person bye and love you lots!



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