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2001-08-05 - 11:49 p.m.

ok i am officialy fucked up! i need a job i need a friend that i can hang out with! i need love from someone that i actually know!

i am trying to fit in with out being just another face in the crowd. how come everyone has to be affriad of what the dont know? i aproach a girl and i get the same thing every single danm time! "oh no thats ok maybe next time." ok theres a fla in this cause i saw one the next time and i got a "oh i dont remember" oh fing well!

and this world is so god danm lasy cant anyone actually do something without a god danm machine i mean come on drive here drive there drive everywhere well driving can be fun and useful for long distances!

and another thing just because your 16 doesnt mean you HAVE to have a god danm license. its not like you life is going to end! i like walking and riding my bike! yes i have a car ive had it since i was 12 but i still dont have a licenes and im not woried if your that fing woried about it get me one otherwise shut the fuck up!

today i went and mowed and did landscaping at this house in nampa for my mom. it was fun but i didnt get money for it oh well i dont need it that bad!

another thing that realy ticks me off is allowinces some parents pay there children to take out the garbage. what the hell are you thinking! the only thing your teaching your kids is if i do this i get mony and i can buy stickers and when im hungry i can go to the fridge because theres alwayls food there its never empty! well in my houe were not the richest of people and i now what its like to go hungry because i would rather be healthy. reward your kids with food tell them to do the work around the house cause they live there not cause they get $20 a weak for it! they should do cause they are a member of that house!

amanda wants me to go to this party that i have not the slitest clue who the hell will be there! i want to go but i dont know what to expect i geuss that i am affriad of what might happen and if i go i kinda want to get drunk and wake up in a bathtub ;) thanks byl jerry and jake!

well i would like to conclude this episode by saying "the person is smart its people who are dumb"~me~



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