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2001-04-22 - 11:48 a.m.

ok i am under alot of stressand i need someone to connect with!

I know this one girl that i like but im not sure what she wants or how far she want to go!

(i hope the prom went ok i had fun being arrested for cerfew but other than that my saturday was ok) i would like to go do somthing just me and her but i have no money sooooooo i am out of luck im trying to get some money in witch ill be going to work today. hopefully ill get enough to go do something so it should be all fun. other than that im ok just really stressed out im tryong to get everydody linked but thats harder than it looks!

well i have to go to work now soooo bye and to that girl im talking about call me when you read this! thnx bye



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