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2001-05-16 - 11:36 p.m.

ok my life is so sucking i took a test in the counselours office for deppresion and i have a rare form! yeah! its like add im hyper but thats like only a mask! but here comes the hard part telling my parents that i need to be checked out cause it might be a fluke but you never can tell!

yes i am hyper! yes i am a jerk! but im also a nice person if you want to get to know me! yah i have friends but i dont HAVE friends! i would like some one i can sit down and talk toabout personal stuff!

ok theres this girl that i rely like! i went out with her for like 4 days then we brokeup but now

i find my self liking her more and morei know she reads this some times but she knows who she is and if you think your it ill give you one clue......owls!

thats it and if you read this call me 455-5244. ill try to call you tomorrow!



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