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2001-05-23 - 11:14 a.m.

ok im sedling this here and now and im going to try not to offend any one! here goes!

ok some people siad i should have gotten in to the thespian secioty ok thats fiar but i dont care i think its just going to taer drama apart like madrigals do to chior. ever one in the society are going to start thinking there better than every one else cause they got well to them i say FUCK YOU! i dont need to be a member of something to think im good. i realy on the comments that people give me like tina thinks im funny and if i make her laugh than my job has been done. as the members of the siad society some of you are ok but just remember you think your good but your not in tell some one says you are! now i am going to drop dram for two resons. 1.drama was my outlet the time of the day that i could be me! 2.ever one in drama have some issuse oh well im tired of hearing them i have my own thank you i dont need your to!

thats it you can try to talk me out of it and it might work but its going to take a lot!!!!!



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