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2001-06-03 - 10:55 a.m.

im not even going to try to fight jerry for nicky cause i know i will never get her like i never get anything out of this world!

his eyes where empty. he caused a three car accedint. i looked into hise blackend sole and then and there i felt so alone on a plane of black and dark secrets. i felt like a fawn caught in the jaws of a wolf. screming for help but nothing comes out.

he has a wound on the back of his head.

his brother siad he fell off the bed.

but we all know the secret of the stained soul.

when in the back on the neck i knife was lodged.

as the steam arises he screams for help.

without knowing he is already dead.

due to a blow to the back of his head!

way mut todays world be so violent? there news of death every where. i just cant wiat tell the day i become a statistic!





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