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2001-03-11 - 04:08:42

ok life so sucks please i need to talk this is a cry for help!455-5244

my life is in the shits! i cant tell who my real friends are and who the fake ones are. i just cant tell.

I dont no wether my life is living. i have seen what i seen and i dont like it.

I have one question "why am i here?" am i here as a pawn in the game of life or am i the king? am i the queen, rook, bishop? i just want to know. i want the awnsers to all the questions plaqing me!

do you know what its like to fall asleep and you sont know if you are going to wake up in the same body let alone the same world!

I go to sleep with one thing on my mind and that is will i wake up where i left off! i dont know if this is reality or if this is a mask used tocover my eyes in order to foefill the needs of another race!

do you wake up with a smile or a frown? i wake up with out a mouth i have to choose how to address the day! if i wake up where i left off i choose a smile. if i wake up somewhere totaly difrent i choose a smile becuase im just a mindless drone and i no no better.

my life consistinsys all over the place! am i gay am i a girl am i even who they say i am? what if i where tok just disepaer no one would miss mecause that memory would be deleted like it never existed.

ok im done telling you my thought i hope i made you think to . give me a call. 455-5244 this is truly scary!!!!!!!!



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