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2001-01-07 - 02:09:36

Well I am some what deprest all my friends have deserted me. Sure they talk to me the sit with me but only to be nice. I don't know what to do. I wish my world had a self-destruct button. I could end it all here and know, but whats the fun in that. Sure I may have no true friends but who needs them when you have no life anyways.

I've been told I have no feelings! I think it's true I just don't care any more. My parents could die tommarow, and it wouldn't hit me till I'm fifty.

Every one tells me that I'm phsycho but there's a very thin line between phsyco and genius. Maybe I am a phsyco genius who will one day rule a third world galaxy.

If you think I'm nuts just take your mouse and point it to the contacts and tell me so!.!.!

Well got to go!




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