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2001-01-18 - 19:16:47

well im a hit with gays! i went to the flame last night and was hit on by both sexes!!!!!! but no one wanted to go any further than talking!!!!!! so my life sucks people want to be friends then they dont even talk to me!!! some of what i thought were my friends use me for girls! and some as a human shield!!! and well i just want to sit down and tell my feelings to some one but i cant trust them! and im just tired of everyone telling me im cool and im my own person but when it comes down to it if i was cool i'd be able to hold a girlfriend for more than 3 days!!! the longest i went out with some one was 2 weeks and i havent had one that long before. im not cute im not sexy but im not ugly i get complements and thats all i get! i want to just say fuck it and leave this world theres nothing here for me! maybe id be better off dead! people tell me that all the time and i dont no what i should do!

for you who reads this please tell me what to do????miss loza if your reading this i would like you r help as a teacher and a second mom i want ur help to get other people to understand me! the only outlet i have is drama! and if i loose that ill be deported to a loony bin!!!!! well i have to go ill be puting a password on here!!! ask me and ill tell u what it is!



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