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2001-02-02 - 00:58:16

hello peoples, I am in the same mood I am always in, I'm just pretending not to be. Anyway, I need to find a date now since my origional date backed out and my backup plan fell through. So anyway, I gave my poem from last time to the girl I wrote it for. I didn't exactly give it to her myself, but she got it nonetheless. Apparently she thought it was really sweet and she feels bad now cause she doesn't like me as much as I like her. Hearing that made me feel better but it also made me feel bad because now I know for sure that she doesn't like me. I just feel like crying everytime I look at her. It's just the worse feeling in the world. Well, I don't feel like making up a quote today so I will post one by someone else.


"Whatever effects one person directly, effects everyone indirectly."

-Martin Luther King Jr.



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