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2001-06-13 - 9:07 p.m.

y must every one nock me down! im fed up with every ones atittude!

mindy if you read this grow up! you suffer from a suvire case of sophmoreism! i dont care what you think of me but you are not the center of the fucking universe! your being callow, feklis, fickle,and down right childish! yah i have problems but i work through them. i dont dwell on them for fucking ever. i like to go to the races to work for the expirience un like you. you go there because you bored. and you want all the fucking attention!

another thing you can read this but theres no need to comment on it. your intitled to you opinion but you do not have the fucking right to call me psycho or insane inless you have a peace of paper that says you have a fit and perfect mental health!

nikki yes im alright it just kinda sucks when you (being me) dont get alot of oppurtunities for a realashinship(?im not here?) then i meet some one and i dont get a forshere anwser!

tera give me a chance please? just one thats all i ask!



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