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2001-07-09 - 6:31 p.m.

y do i even try? you know what i give up i am now going to live in a box for the rest of my life. if you call please just say no more than hi and bye. if you come over expect to see me in a box. if you see me it is only cause you dead to!

death: is death realy sleep or actual life. must we die to live or live to die? what do you do when you get cancer you die to live!

when your a teen you live to die!

im sorry for those of you who met me! or know me. i dont know why it has to be like this oh yah i do cause life suck and i only piss every one off! so i say fuck you and fuck the world to!

this peace is copy writed so dont even think about it

Stuff: A trip through my psyche.

Moving, blending, swirling into one! The hall was a rotating drum. It was cold as the wave broke over the bow of the ship. I was drenched then my mom said that maybe we could come back tomorrow. So I, climbed out of the pool and walk out side were I saw our car. I walked over to it and I climbed into the nice warm bed the blankets were comforting. Then suddenly I fell awake on top of a building. In which I jumped and I plummeted towards the sky falling up so fast I could die. Then with a sudden jerk the train stopped as I jumped in the huge bowl of Jell-O. I bounced up and down side to side. I like waterbeds; cause the monkey used to climb trees but now the seniors in my 6th period class fight like the male seals fighting for dominance in the pack. Slowly lumbering towards each other slamming their massive bodies of bread into each other. They have created the world’s largest piece of broccoli. When suddenly it began to rain nachos out of the massive clouds. The salsa stream turned to water it was the strangest thing you ever never saw. Then when I woke up to a bang I saw my cerebral matter splattered across the wall next to me. It tasted slightly like my dreams a way to see what I see a chance to live the unlivable.

bye! forever



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