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2001-02-28 - 03:57:09

ok my b-day is tommorow! this suck im going to spend my birthday teching a play i dont even like!

-mr. E-is kick ass he has pacience and explanes thangs!

-T.J.-ok. but he needs to learn the world is not just his. and that some one who know nothing about drama let alone tech should be on lights! he is so pissing me off right know!

-tyler- he is the light person. he ticks me off the most he has all of his friends up in the bridge while were working this is so not cool!

-erin vance- ok. but he picks on me to much and that pisses me off.

ok im done with that!

i belong to a group that i dont belong to! i have friends everywhere! im in every "cliqe" but the one i belong to! i feel like i have no friends. i just have people that take advantage of me.

this is one of the longest entry!

i hate it when people take advantage of me! i dont want to be accepted into a certian "cliqe" i want to be excepted by all!

im tired!

ok im so pissed at everyone how come they cant leave me alone

mark these words-i will have my revenge-and-i will get you i have powers-ok

ok im this far from killing a lot of people(______)

(please see words to mark)ok!

ok i have to go so talk to you latter!





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