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2001-10-01 - 5:27 p.m.

ok im grounded i dont know whats been going throught my head latly im just getting tired and ill like to walk so i snuck out and went for a walk and got caught. i geuss im comming to the point that i am relizing that i have to grow up. now i just have to convince my mom and dad.

the play is starting to piss me off no onw can actually get it right including me.

the new girl is starting to piss me off she is so passive about everything she expects stuff to be handed to her even if its in her reach!

well here a mnolouge id like to do but well um i cant read it and youll see!!!


I canít stand looking down at all of you. I never thought Iíd say this, but Iím ashamed of what I created. I never knew you would turn out like this. I hate how you all treat one another. I look at your society, and canít believe that this is what my perfection has come up with.

Itís gotten to the point where I canít even save you anymore. You have to save yourself, and give out your own punishment, otherwise it just wouldnít work. Youíve gotten too headstrong to follow anything I give you. You wouldnít accept it, or you just wouldnít let it affect you. You go to prison as a punishment from your own kind, and you still commit crimes there. whatís the point of making you pay if you wonít learn anything from it.

It has become so bad that no one is clean anymore. You all claim to follow my book, but none of you really do. People thanking me for a song, are arrested for murder the next week. Hey! Did you know that is is a sin to have sex if your not married, and if you are married you canít have it for pleasure only for procreation. And now that I have you psychos killing in my name, it makes me look crazy. No wonder there are so many atheists. You go out and kill gay men for being faggots and queers, when you go home and beat your wife. Someone should beat the crap out of you and leave you to die.

And now we have this wonderful president who wants to get rid of abortion, but has killed more men in his sate than any other. Murder is murder, pick who you do it to, you hypocrites.

Iím fed up. I wish I could destroy what Iíve created, but not such luck. Youíre all too strong now. I created you, I made you. I am your god. I am your conscience. Repent now or youíre all doomed. As far as Iím concerned. No number of Hail Mary's is going to get you out of this one. Live life while you can. Hell is getting full, and itís going to be pretty fucking cramped down there.

well im off to finish my life on this mortall coyall



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