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2001-10-14 - 9:03 p.m.

ok im back temparily (sorry for spelling im crying as i type this) as if any of you cared. well for those of you who do i write this. please read it all!

i made some mistakes and yes i have to pay for them but some where called mistakes and for that im sorry there were not in my mind mistakes. i cryed for help and i yelled and i screamed but i tried to hold it in but i couldnt and that was one of my mistakes. so heres the story...

ok about six years ago i moved to caldwell all good no! me and my family (all five) lived in a 14 foot trailer in lakies trailer park off of 20-26. so my uncle made us a deal on one of his houses. so we moved in. what no one told us was that it used to be a drug house and its shit!

but ok other than it never having heat in the winter and a/c in the summer i like it. its my home. what no one told us was that there was this adopted spoiled kid that live across the street whos mom and him self thought he was gods gift and he should have the best even at theexpenss of others. i proceeded to make friends and i was 12 and he was 8. we had are quarral and went on.

no here come the god gift complex.

everytime her son did something bad in the neighbor hood i got the blame. but what she dosent relize was that by giving him everything and i mean everything on a whim he thought could get away with anything. but when that happens some one must have the blame this is where i step in ill call me scapegoat or sc for short. so sc took the brute of it for some time seeing how i had no way to prove my inocence. so he tells his friends that sc brakes into his house and steal things. in witch sc never did. so one day sc got pissed off and stole a check out of there mailbox. sc dont know why sc didnt it sc just did, ad sc fabricated a story about it as to not get caught. but sc could live this lie no longer and sc had a mentall brake down. and is still. so sc admitted and i am so scared and yet releaved. i dont know whats going to happen.

so i say im sorry if i hurt you all in anyway. this will be one of the last. and now my time at the dance...

i hate danceing i hate large crowds i hate people looking at me waiting to "bust a move".

i can dance but only with me and my friends in my head.

well i have to go i might talk to you latter i might not.



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