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2002-03-04 - 8:29 p.m.

damn y do I have to be so poor. I cant afford to go to prom. I even had to reject asking someone. Oh well maybe next year.

I really like this girl...and she likes me alot. But she doesnt wwant a boyfriend because they are "evil" we make out and hang out but thats it were not exclusive. other people hate it when I complaine but I really do like her.

I had a fun weekend and I would like to do it agian. But the thing is no one ever invites me to party or other stuff I usually crash them agianst others will. I mean they like it when I come but I get there when its over and it sucks.

another thing I dont think that many people besides mama and me read this. I think it is begining to suck. ohwell

I have to go Ill talk to you latter good bye



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