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2002-04-07 - 7:37 p.m.

well well well isnt this just the coolest thing...I am I am dead. zach is dead

well I'm still sad I have not been out side my house alweeek but to work. Ill be at the school monday I start my ged. I will probably swing by the tech class.

I dont know why but I just cry sometimes. I dont think the girl that I would like to ask me to prom will. Oh well like I wanted to go any way

I know not that many people read this and I know I am missed at school.

well I got this diary I told my self I would right the most beutiful poetry. but I get it all planned out and it ends up getting me in trouble. I want to write like kat or Nick R. but it just doesnt work. I'm a flundering idiot. oh well.

well to those of you who read this far as soon as I get done taking my tests I am leaving I dont know were or how but I plan on not staying now this could change. I would like to move out as soon as I can but I dont know how I am going to do that.

well I am outa here good bye.



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